Dash final fitting Final fitting of the dashboard and wiring. The rev counter is broken and not the V8 one. All the dials were sent off for calibration and refurbishment. They came back virtually as new but considerably cheaper than buying new.
 Fuse compartment This is the hinged fuse and relay panel that I mentioned earlier. The black bit at the bottom is the choke control.
 Fitting the carb Fitting the Weber carb. This is a really nice carb, works straight out of the box. I had to reshape the underside of the pancake filter housing so that the bonnet would fit and I also machined a bit off the manifold to give an extra 3mm clearance.
 Bonnet fitting There is not much excess on the bonnet to trim away but it has to be done very accurately to get the shut lines looking right. I spent a lot of time on this as it really notices if the gaps are not even and parallel. I think I got it looking OK.
 Bonnet and light fitting Light pods attach to brackets from the damper mountings but also need fixing to the radiator cowling through which the wiring can be run. None of that mentioned in the manual either!
 pre-MOT Seats and harnesses fitted and it's ready to roll. As the new SVA was approaching I had it MOTed in this state. Easy MOT as there was not much to check - but I still managed to snap the handbrake. I followed the modification method in the manual but it's not a good one as it weakens the spindle too much. Once remade it passed the MOT.
 pre-MOT Same as above but looking the other way!
 Undercoat on tub Body tub with etch primer and undercoat applied. Heater not plumbed in yet. Note optional car phone!
 Top coat to bita snd bobs Applying the top coat. This is all cellulose paint.In the areas where stone chips occur I have used anti-chip primer.
 Top coat on tub Top coat on the body. After this it's just a case of bolting the bonnet, wings, screens and other odds and ends. All the fixing holes had been done before spraying.
 Fitting some bits Final fitting of the wings and external bits and bobs.
 Finished interior I made the interior and got a trimmer to do the red piping. That thing on the back of the car is one of the seats.
 Finished - well not quite Well it's finished. I went on various holidays in it like this but on more than one occasion got rained on. So, the next phase was to ditch the aero screens and build a full screen and weather gear.

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