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Canals  [hide]
  Excellent waterways map
Car Stuff  [hide]
  NG Owners Club
  NG Owners Club Forum
Coding  [hide]
  Good reference for JavaScript
  PHP Manual
  Python Manual
  Verilog, SystemC and more tutorials
  XEMACS Windows binary (hard to find)
Consultancy  [hide]
  Taotek Limited - Hardware and software consultancy
Games  [hide]
  Tom Slopers Mah Jong Zone
Home Entertainment  [hide]
  Keene Electronics, AV equipment - best customer service I have ever had
  Meedio - Media centre
Internet  [hide]
  Ebay - request member contact info
  Web based version of MSN - to get round works firewalls
Photography  [hide]
  Another excellent set of digital photography articles
  Car photography
  Digital Imaging Tutorial - Good tutorial covering lots of info with links to some other good sites
  Excellent set of digital photography articles
  News page from Pentax User
  Some more interesting articles
  dpReview - Comprehensive digital camera reviews
Shopping  [show]
Video Editing  [hide]
  Informative website on all things DVD, VCD
  Pinnacle Studio 9 forum - Very useful and helpful members

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