Photo Analysis of Focal Lengths Used

26 July 2007

In my quest for SLR and lens combination I was intrigued to know how much of the zoom range I was using. As each digital photo contains EXIF information about the shot, including the focal length in 35mm equivalent terms it was a simple matter to extract all focal length info from all my digital pics and plot them.

Out of the 4 camera plotted, well only 3 show useful info as I only had the DL a short time, there are two similar short range 35-105 cameras and one 28-300 range. In both the short range cases there are peaks in the graph at both ends indicating a limiting range. These peaks get spread out with the use of the longer range however there is still a little peak at the 28mm indicating a wide angle is required.

Interesting graphs or a justification for more hardware, "eh hmm, Dearest, can I have another lens, please?"