Keith's 40th Birthday Party

(or a trip to Buckler's Hard !!)



I was duped! Let in on a surprise belated fathers day for dad and tasked with taking him to Buckler's Hard for a trip out whilst Som and Mum prepare a dinner for him.

So off we went in the kit car to Buckler's Hard. Took lots of pics - see below.

But wait a minute what's happening in the kitchen at home....


Look like Dad's dinners coming along nicely - I was told to bring him back at between 2:15 - 2:30 (unbeknown to me Dad is also checking his watch and taking rather a long time to finish that last photograph!

A little later, back at the house some dubious happenings are being detected by the Drive web cam (which I know no-one was aware of but you all got caught).....

Here we are driving off - (the un-official web cam pic!)
wait a mo ... where mum off too..
what's mum got here - beer glasses
and a table - looks like Mum's going to get drunk

hmm- all looks a bit fishy, Lynne and Clive arrive 10:33:57 ... but soon depart at 10:38:25

...only to be caught minutes later directing Som to some iffy parking on the grass (one to go in the "Who's been treading on our lawn section")


Yes, it was Som in the driving seat!!


Hello - some friends arriving...

they have hidden the car somewhere where I can't see it!

and who's this - more friends - notice these are my friends not Dad's

.. guess what some more of my friends. Even though you're hiding behind the banana plant, the web cam spotted you.

So, just when the time was up I delivered Dad back home and surprise.. doh, it's a party for ME.


I am speechless, but not for long.

Lots of food, nice big cake and presents and of coarse all my super friends and family.


All of this carefully schemed by my dear wife who gave me an Ultimate Supercar experience gift at Thruxton which I can't wait to do - more on that later.
Obviously this web page is here to show off what a wonderful group of friends, family and wife that I have, including those that are too far away in Thailand. I really appreciate all the effort everyone went to just for me, thank you.