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Not forgotten by Webmaster  (September 28th, 2006)
OK - since the last post we have been 3 weeks in Thailand and generally been busy - photos to follow soon.
TC V8 - engine missing on corners by Webmaster  (July 3rd, 2006)
I've been trying to fix a missing problem with the V8 for ages and I've now figured out the problem.
Symtoms were - on cornering 4 of the 8 cylinders would cut out. Mainly left corners but after a while it was any corner.
Clearly a fuel problem and seemed to point to floats. However I cleaned it all as well as the filters. But no improvement - then I rememered the pump has a filter, a bit messy but what else I found in there was water (plus some rust from the pump casing!). Further cyphoning and I extracted almost half a jam jar of water from the fuel tank which was being sucked in by the pump/ engine into the carb floats which being almost symetrical with the jets along the inside edge meant that left corners the water in the right float went into the engine and right corners the water in the left float. Left turns being first to be aftected because there is a fuel accelerator pump taken from the right float thus pumping some of the water out!
The V8 now goes as it should.
Comment added by -Guest-: June 10th, 2008
 As an update - the water seemed to be getting in through the filler cap. Two places where it can get in was the O-ring, which I replaced as it was pereshed, and the breather hole.
I was told when building the car to drill a breather hole in the filler cap - unfortunately was seems to seep through it so the fix is to add a breather pipe attached to the neck of the filler and exiting out the side of the boot area.
Goodbye Cocoa by Webmaster  (June 30th, 2006)
Cocoa the rabbit passed away peacefully in his sleep on the night of the 28th June 2006 following an illness with a congested gut. It happened very fast and quite unexpected.
We hope he has gone to the nice bunny heaven where he can jump and bounce around forever.
We miss him very much.
We love you so much Cocoa.
Keith's 40 Birthday Party by Webmaster  (June 27th, 2006)
Follow the link Keith's 40th surprise to see my wonderful party.
NG Events by Webmaster  (June 12th, 2006)
We have been to a couple of NG events - see these links to the NG Events Blog.
There you can see NG National Rally and Exbury Gardens visit

Operations by Webmaster  (May 22nd, 2006)
The last month I've been off work following an operation. I'm almost fully recovered.
Went for a photo walk by Webmaster  (January 16th, 2006)
We visited Lynne & Clive last weekend and went for a little walk to see Tonbridge castle. Spotted this Mink near the river making a nest under some boarding.
General Comments by Webmaster  (November 8th, 2005)
I still have to fix a few things - at the moment I can't add comments to slide shows, so I've put this here as a place to add comments.
Comment added: November 6th, 2005
Hi Kieth and Som its Simon Just been looking round your website. Looks great and you updted the blog on fireworks night quickly. See you on wednesday for badminton.

Comment added: November 15th, 2005
 Hello Keith and Som. I enjoyed looking at your website!
See you soon, Ann.
Comment added by Webmaster: July 5th, 2006
 I've now updated the scripts a lot - passwords for multiple users, link inserting and other bits. great eh!!
Fireworks night  by Webmaster  (November 5th, 2005)
Fireworks night at Keith's work. Great fireworks, bonfire and mulled wine but didn't get to buy the burger because the queue was to long
See the movies here
Som and Keith off road (or cycle off!) by Webmaster  (October 23rd, 2005)
First time out to the New Forest with our expensive bikes £5. Bought a bike rack for the car but forgot to take a picture.
Cycled up and down the hills and through the puddles - weeee! but even with new gel softie saddles we have a hurt bum
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