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Taking the Engine out of the NG V8 by Webmaster  (May 23rd, 2011)
OK - here is a short set of pics as I took the engine out. Probably your NG was put together differently.
The big pain is getting the radiator cowling aligned so the bonnet gaps are nice. To simplify this I have tapped some locating bolts through the cowling bracket to the radiator brackets. This is because in building the car the holes get enlarged and elongated to get the gaps right so once in place drill and tap some 4BA bolts just so the exact position can be found again.
When I built this NG (a long time ago!) I did try and make the cowling removeable as a unit with the head and spot lights, horns and wiring sub-harness that has a multi-plug. You can see this as the white bit resting on the chassing to the left of the rad in the 3rd pic.
To realign the radiator brackets I put a bit of wood across the car and some tape on the wings see pic 5. Note that my wings seem to have moved so they need tweeking later!
Not much else really just undo anything that joins to the engine. I forget the temperature sender capilary pipe and bent it a bit, it then broke off. Also when removing it from the manifold it broke in half and the end bit was left in the manifold. A bit of careful wiggling got it out without loosing it inside.
I'd recomend not leaving that bit connected as a recon gauge is about 60 pounds
Wow - summer is almost over by Webmaster  (September 2nd, 2010)
We have been working 100% on the house with not much else going on - I will post progress on the house blog.
This is more of a "We are still here" posting and as I'm paying for web hosting I should at least post something to my site
Not much news in 2008 ! by Webmaster  (March 26th, 2009)
Well we did have a short holiday and done lots of work on the Morris (see Morris Blog) but not much else worth posting.
However, we did make the decision to move house which is now progressing - expect to see more later this year or even a house blog.
Thailand 2007 by Webmaster  (August 18th, 2008)
Posted this a bit late but we had a great time - see the pics - we will eventually get round to adding info on our Thailand section.
Thruxton Truck Racing (22 July 07) by Webmaster  (July 24th, 2007)
Went to Thruxton for a great day out. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
This was the first outing for my Pentax K100D and Tamron 18-250 lens - I'm very pleased with them.

You can follow this link to see what other Pentax users though of my pics!!!
Thruxton Ultimate Supercar by Webmaster  (June 1st, 2007)
This was my 40th birthday present last year and I decided to wait until April to do it so that the weather was good. I missed doing it before winter due to the booking times.
Well this was really fun, the cars are great and the people and whole experience really enjoyable. Got the cars up to about 120mph but it's all over too fast, just when you are getting used to the car and track.
Som got driven round the track too and came back with a very big smile - maybe it will have to be track days in the kit car next
Cabinet making - Feb and March by Webmaster  (June 1st, 2007)
After our holidays last year we had to turn our attentions back to the house and again we're running out of space. So, 3 projects got started, the DVD case, and 2 computer desks.
The DVD case was made to sit on our sideboard in the stair alcove. This dictated the shape as we wanted to fit all our DVDs in it with room for more (although the to shelf has wine glasses).
Som bought me a router and I got a few cutters to fit it. I did the whole DVD case using the router, its a great tool and as this was solid oak it made it so much easier than by hand.
The lighting is done using white LEDs which I embedded within the wood so only the round end of the LED is showing. All wiring is in channels in the shelving which I then filled with an oak fillet that contained the wiring and LED.
The two computer desks (not taken a picture yet) were also oak but I also used oak faced MDF. Used the router on that as well.
Church Stretton, Shropshire, Oct 06 by Webmaster  (June 1st, 2007)
This was just a weeks holiday in a cottage near Church Stretton. We visited all the usual places, Cardingmill Valley, Stokesay Castle, Clun Castle and walked up the Stiperstones. However the big suprise was on the way home we dropped into Witley Court. I had heard about the fountain but the English Heritage handbook said it stops working for the winter at the start of October so we had missed it.
However when we got there they said it was a mis-print and it was working every hour for about 20 minutes.
The house is very impressive, even though it is just a shell, but the fountain was spectacular, especially in the bright sunlight. Definitely worth a visit.
Visit to Dover Castle - 24 Sept 06 by Webmaster  (June 1st, 2007)
I'd been to Dover Castle before but Som hadn't and as we had English Heritage memberships we thought we do the rounds staying in a B&B on the way. Also visited Walmer Castle and Biddenden Cider - well worth the visit and to pick up our annual supply of Monks Delight
Bangkok, Buriram, Kanchanaburi - Thailand, 8-29 July 06 by Webmaster  (June 1st, 2007)
This visit to Thailand was for 3 weeks, in 3 main areas. Visited lots of places. Buriram was particularly interesting as we saw the old religious sanctuaries around Phimai. Very interesting and great for photos. Apart from travelling about the Bangkok area, Hua Hin, etc we travelled off to Kanchanaburi. This area was quite a suprise as it has a lot to offer for places to visit and things to see. We both had a very relaxing time here, definitely worth a re-visit.
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