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N/S cross member and sill by Keith  (July 29th, 2007)
Outer sill replaced and front part of the inner sill. The back part was ok even though just a bit of rust by the cross member.
Cut out the end part of the cross member. The floor is not very flat there as it had already been patched when the cross member was replaced first time around. That was done by the garage I bought the car from - they must have cut through the floor to get it out! It wasn't very neat but was strong!
Inner wing, A post and gutter by Keith  (June 1st, 2007)
The n/s inner wing was in worse condition than the o/s so I decided to replace the two inner wing panels and patch the A post.
Cut out the wing and made a repair section for the bump stop on the inner wheel arch and also a repair section round the wheel arch seam.
After much measuring and fitting attempts I discovered that the curve I'd made for the bump stop area was too low so I had to cut out the section (again) and make a more curved one.
Lining up the inner wing needs lots of measuring and eyeing up to get right. At the A post end it is easy as the panel fits in one place and only its height needs setting, I lined up the top of the wing edge and measured from the courtesy light switch to the door stay bolts. At the front end measure from the bumper bar (although mine was bent) and also lay a straight edge across both wings and eye it up to the bulkhead.
Although there is little that can be done it is worth checking the distance from the bulkhead to the front - the new panel is 5mm longer, other wing is dented on the front edge.
I patched the A post and welded on a new back section - however when I came to fit it, it had turned banana shaped and was not to useful, so in the bin it went and a new panel bought.
The A post is easier than the inner wing to fit but a door trial fit is essential. Height measured from the courtesy light switch to the door hinge, also lines up with the stay bolts although this is when I found that these were 5mm higher than the other side or the original. Once lined up tack it on and trial fit the door. A quick measure of the door opening to the A post hinges will check the angle is right, Mine was out by quite a bit so I cut of the tack welds on the front edge and knocked it forward. Trial fit of the door and it all seemed perfect (I expect that will change somehow when I fit the door finally!).
Progress by Keith  (April 10th, 2007)
I will add a few more pics. Progress so far has been slow. I've started back on the o/s inner wing but had to back track a little as the part of the bump stop I had fixed was lower that it was supposed to be so I've had to replace that again. Getting the inner wing in the correct place is proving interesting.
Info on the disabled conversion by Keith  (November 8th, 2005)
This is a reply I had from RogerRust of the MMOC forum:

My father had several converted cars and vans when he was alive including a minivan, a late morris 1000 van, marinas and itals. They had a hand throttle and hand operated foot brake if you know what I mean.
The conversions were done by a company called Roselco I think in Stretham or Tooting I think - it was a long time ago.

The hand throttle was fun and you could hold the brakes on with your knee. He drove that way for 30 years. Used to terrify me.

The conversions were very poor and bits often fell off which would leave him without brakes - hey ho thats what the hand brake's for. When he was 60 I persuaded him to have an auto but I don't think he really liked it.
Comment added: September 4th, 2006
  gonna start welding a morris 1000 ex-panda car. lot of work. got it up on jacks hell of a lot of work mabe get back to u with some pictures for advice. well done though there good little cars.
Progress so far by Keith  (October 17th, 2005)
Progress is slow - I wanted to finish welding by the end of the summer but I 've done less than half.
Maybe I should give up
Comment added: September 28th, 2006
 Not given up yet - but progress quite a bit - more images to come soon.
Invalid carriage mod! by Keith  (September 25th, 2005)
Unfortunately the neat (!) hole made for the hand operated brake had weakened the chassis and caused crack from each of the 4 corners to the chassis rail edge - I've now welded up the cracks and placed a patch over the hole - obviously cutting off the brake peddle extension too!
Disabled by Keith  (September 25th, 2005)
The car used to be an invalid carriage. It had a hand operated brake that joined the brake peddle on an extended bit that came through the chassis rail (next pic!)
Repaired inner wing by Keith  (September 25th, 2005)
I've done the innder wing, door 'A' post. and the end of the guttering.
Bit of rust by Keith  (September 25th, 2005)
The inner nearside wing - if you look close then you might notice a few holes.
Stripped by Keith  (September 25th, 2005)
This is the morris stripped down. It's on a pole so I can rotate it to avoid being under the car as I weld it.
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