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  Morris restoration (anon)   |  index |  list |  subscribe |  login |    Thursday, January 24th   
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Nearly the last bits of underside welding
See these few pictures of the near side repairs. New cross member end added, inner cill floor and outer front cill floor, plus the ends by the rear wheel arch. Numerous other little repairs.
The remaining rust you can see is surface, except the area in the floor under the exhaust heat protector, which is a bit of a water/rust trap.
Whilst cleaning off with the wire brush on the angle grinder I made a hole as what I though was surface rust disintegrated.
Much of the cleaning off has been with the angle grinder plus wire brush; prior to that I got rid of old underseal using a paint scraper and old oil with white spirit.
The areas of sound body with sound underseal I ran over lightly with the angle grinder brush to get rid of the dusty dry surface and provide a key for the Gravitex.
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