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  Morris restoration (anon)   |  index |  list |  subscribe |  login |    Thursday, January 24th   
Suspension by Keith (July 29th, 2008)
Picture shows the first bit going back on the car (not my hand!). It's the eye bolt - soon to be fitted with poly bushes.
Now in the stage of cleaning of some remaining suspension bits. I had not previously done the dampers as I was going to use the telescopic shocks that I had. I may still do that on the rear if we keep the car, current talk of changing it for a traveller
I want to get it on the wheels, hence get the suspension back so I can strip the paint. Undecided whether to just strip everything or do the front first followed by the rear. Garage is to small to get round the whole car for spraying.
Note to self: get a bigger garage - a single one is hard work
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