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New Project by Keith  (August 3rd, 2009)
Now that we have moved house we have a new house fixing project blog House Blog
Go and see it
Re-arranged site by Keith  (August 8th, 2008)
I've re-arranged the website folders so that I can add more stuff. Biggest change is the addition of the articles section rather than the limited techy stuff. Articles will cover anything that I feel is worth putting up. Basically stuff that either brings together stuff I find useful, adds to info already out there in www land or my own unique bits and bobs.
New Thailand web pages by Keith  (June 25th, 2008)
We will start to put together (time permitting, so it could take ages) some web pages on Thailand.
Basically there are tons of existing pages - but often with poor directions and/or limited photos.
We are hoping to give a personal insight to each place we visit with good info.
I'm not sure how to organise this yet both from the point of view of user navigation and from our ease of adding information.
New Noticeboard by Keith  (June 24th, 2008)
Finally, I think I've sussed the PHP script and those horrible quotes.
So now we have a new noticeboard, with updated blog script. The original php (if you follow the link at the bottom) had some gapping great holes in through which XSS hacks could be done. Thanks to the website being hacked I became aware of the required changes.
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