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NG National Rally by Keith (July 7th, 2009)
The 30th anniversary rally was a great success with a vey nice campsite.
Only problem was I spent most of the time fixing the car and the getting towed home by the very nice AA man.
Will let you know the problem when I sort it out - just ordered some Mallory dizzy bits £72
Lots of thanks to the organisers and the AA !
Comment added by Paul Gray: July 8th, 2009
 Hi Keith - sorry you had problems that shortened your weekend. Mallory bits sound expensive! Will be interested to hear what the problem was when you get the final diagnosis. Did the AA guy have any ideas?

We are hoping to get a few NGs to the Goodwood Breakfast meeting on Sun 2nd Aug - might see you there? Otherwise, will be supporting Bob Morri at the Shrivenham fete on 29th Aug.

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