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Marina parts for TF by Keith (June 10th, 2008)
Marina parts for TF
Comment added by Chris Bone: September 11th, 2008
 Is this group still alive?

I ask as I am about to undertake a complete re-build/overhaul of a sadly negelected Marina based TF (complete with Torsion bar suspension!) an any advice on the process or spare parts sources would be invaluable
Comment added by Keith: September 29th, 2008
 Hi Chris
Yes - we are still alive. The state of the group is best described as hibernating!
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I don't have any souce of Marina parts - I was recomended the Marina owners club for parts for my Morris to Marina disc conversion but no luck there. They don't like us using parts from their cars
However bearings and trunions etc are available over the counter from motor factors (also ebay).
I picked up a Marina Haynes manual from ebay - its very similar to the Morris and the suspension is quite basic.
Comment added by Frank Shelley: April 12th, 2009
 Recently, I needed to replace the front tie bar bushes. Contact Superflex on (0)1749 678152, or view at http://www.superflex.co.uk/results.php?maker=29&man_name=Marina&searchmodel=143&Search=Go

I did also find a number of parts on e-bay.
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