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Meetings for 2007 by Keith (April 12th, 2007)
The meeting date of the first sunday of the month will probably be disrupted a little as there a number of other event clashes.

Meetings as follows:
13 May as Stoneleigh is 5-6 May.
3 June.
8 July as NG National Rally is 1 July (although I am also tempted to go to the Morris Minor rally so watch this space).
5 August.
2 September.

Meetings will take place at The Swan pub just west of Lyndhurst at 12.00. This has been restored after a fire (not yet checked it out but will do before the next meeting).

I am hoping to organise at least 1 event. Date TBD but expected to be late summer.

Hope to see you at the meetings.
Comment added by Keith: June 1st, 2007
 As an update - please ring me (number is in the mag) to check I'm going as I am often busy.
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