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Possible future events by Keith (August 14th, 2006)
Me and Som have started organising a few events (in addition to the monthly meet). These will tend to get organised as and when we feel like it, with our enthusiasm proportional to attendence
But like any organisers thinking of something is the difficult bit so here is a list of ideas for future events. Please feel free to add comments and suggest other event ideas. I will add them to the list.

The list!

Hurst Castle visit - not sure about parking there - alternative could be Calshot castle (small castle).
Cider trip to sample the New Forest Cider (with drive through the Forest).
PicNic - Just go out for a drive and have a picnic. Maybe BBQ in one of the designated areas.
Camping - would more people visit if camping was suggested?

Comment added by -Guest-: June 11th, 2007

To get to Hurst I think you need to walk from Key Haven. However I think a Picnic would be a good idea and would be prepared to help organise if required. Anderton Enclosure could be godd as it is bookable and has Toilets. Maybe followed by a simple treausre hunt and finishing at a pub, say High Corner or the Lamb at Nomansland the list could be endless
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