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This is our articles page - sub-divided into a number of sections these are detailed pages of info ranging over a number of subjects, whatever is the hot topic for me at the time, including general ramblings that go on and on rather than the one of recent events elsewhere!

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Pentax K100D and Tamron 18-250mm upgrade from Fuji 9500

Is it a good decision?

See the comparisons

Analysis of focal lengths used in my digital photography.  


Car Things

  Morris to Marina Disc brake conversion - how not to do it and how to do it! A detailed look at the trials and wot not of how I did my conversion.  



  Mahjong These are the Chinese rules for Mahjong.  
  Pocket PC Mahjong Scorer A pocket PC Mahjong scorer that can be configured for any rules - a demo set of rules is included. Buy the program and you get a comprehensive rule set and the ability to set up your own house rules.  


Techy Stuff

  Odd and ends of Techy bits A home for odd bits, no one is interested in, but I put here to bore you or relieve the boredom of work.  
  Software stuff - what we like and use For an insight into how javascript and dreamweaver menus created bloated over sized web page files then look here. I used the Project 7 menus and although a bit difficult to get the colour the way I wanted the result was great.  
  How to add video to your website How I finally figured out how to add video to my blogs and wordpress without a rubbish plugin and upload limit.