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Video from Pinnacle Studio to HTML5

I have spent a ridiculous time getting video on my website. Previously I used Windows Media Player embedded in the html and this worked ok but needs a plugin for anything other than IE. So with the advent of HTML5 I decided to get the video tag to work.
After a lot of messing about trying to get IE9 to play MPEG-4 files I found a combination that actually worked. I'm not sure if this is specific to my host provider or it would apply to anyone else but I fould no info out in the ether on it.
The main problem seemed to be with MPEG containers. The video must be H.264 and audio AAC wrapped up in an MP4 container. But there seems to be various MP4 container bits and bobs and only one configuration worked for me.

So these are the steps I took.

Don't forget the DOCTYPE in the html file as this makes a difference.
Also the MIME types in the .htaccess file.

Below is a sample html page with video tag construct as found all over the web!

Hope this has been helpful to someone!