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Mahjong Scorer for PocketPC


This program for the PocketPC is for scoring the game of Mahjong using any variations of the Classic Chinese scoring rules (full details of playing rules can be found here).


  • Automatic scoring - just enter the tile sets and events and the scorer calculates the scores for each player and determines payments to be made.
  • Clear screen layout for quick review of game progress.
  • Easy review of current and previous hands scores and payments made.
  • Quick entry of players tile sets and game events with minimum of clicks.
  • Automatically determines thecorrect player winds and wind of the round as each hand is played.
  • Comprehensive options to enable most variations of the game to be configured and played. For example, 5 different payment methods.
  • Can score games of 4, 3 or 2 players.
  • Scoring rules are specified in a configuration file. Users can create their own rule files.
  • Included with this scorer are scoring rules matching those described in “ The Complete Book Of Mah-Jongg by A.D. Millington, Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, 1987” and those described in the “Pocket Guide to Mahjong 1924”.
  • Save and restore games; Auto save; Remembers settings and players between games; + Many more neat features.
  • Free download to try. Limited only by a simple rule set being available.
  Screen shots :    

Screen layout showing 4 player game.

Players stake and score for the hand is shown.

Indications of winds, current winning player, round wind and hand number.

Helpful hints.



Scoring tile sets and events (below):

Left screen shot shows events list expanded, after checking the relevent items it can be contracted to reveal the tile set boxes. The events lists expands automatically when first entering scores for the Mahjong player.

Right screen shot shows the tile sets boxes, current sets added, the contracted event list and the score for the hand. The score summary window at the bottom of the screen can be expanded by a simple click.



Review of score for a players hand (left) and review of payments made (right).


Options screen.

Also indicates the score rule currently selected.




Mahjong Scorer (ARM) (.zip 40k)

Manual (.pdf 240k)


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